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About medisell

medisell initially started as a distributor of a medical device across the UK. We have now evolved into a bespoke provider of ‘out-of-hospital care’ allowing patients to be treated at home avoiding hospital admissions. 

With the growing number of patients needing treatment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear capacity is, and will continue to be, an issue moving forward.  

medisell also offer a bespoke mobile clinic unit designed to meet the needs of both the NHS and community. These units enable hospital care to take place in the community or alternatively expand hospital capacity when it is needed the most.

medisell work collaboratively with organisations to make cost savings and provide reactive efficient services.

What we do

Provide products that allow patients to be treated closer to home, in line with government initiatives.

Increasing capacity through bespoke mobile units

Bring savings to the NHS through cost-effective products