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medisell mobile clinic

Healthcare in the UK currently has to deal with over-capacity and a lack of resources.

To support the NHS, we are currently designing and equipping tailor-made response units for hospitals and the community, throughout the UK.

The mobile clinic will enable healthcare services to adapt to additional capacity requirements. They are designed with COVID-19 limitations in mind and therefore fitted with the latest safety equipment, to protect staff and patients at all times.

The medisell mobile clinic is ready for your tailored needs

Current Availability

medisell offer a specific service closely matching the needs within the NHS.

Whilst many NHS hospitals begin to resume non- COVID-19 elective procedures, they face waiting lists exacerbated by the pandemic. Some of these lists were substantial before COVID-19 hit the UK, and the pause as the NHS battled the peak of the crisis has undeniably increased them.

The NHS Confederation recently announced the backlog could double to 10 million by the end of the year. This backlog and a lack of patient confidence to go back into a hospital is an issue facing the NHS currently.

A mobile clinic solves both of these issues, by relieving pressure on capacity and providing an isolated environment that is easier to control, reducing the risk of contamination.

Increased safety measures, including regular cleaning and mandatory UV-light disinfection would be standard on any of our mobile clinics, as well as safety equipment for staff and patients.